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'Seek first' – 8 hours of Christ's teachings, and verses Inspired by Jesus.

Inspired by Christ. Over 8 hours of teachings from Christ or verses inspired by Christ. With Music

Bible verses & passages of scripture from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or God’s own Word, with bespoke background music to accompany you throughout your day. Focussing on those verses of scripture that inspire us the most about Jesus of Nazareth.

Take a journey into Faith, Prayer, Love, Joy, Peace and Letting-go. Verses that encourage high praise and deep surrender.

Included are a few Psalms of High Praise and Christ’s High Priestly Prayer from John 17.

Step out further in your faith by being immersed in it.

I hope this video brings you into a deeper, intimate, more meaningful connection with God, while also helping you rest in God: “rest in Me and I will rest in you”.

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The main soundtrack, “Desert Wisdom”, was produced in collaboration with Konstantin exclusively for No Greater Love.
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