The Beginning of the End? Israel Invades Rafah

After months of unsuccessful talks for a ceasefire/hostage release deal, Israel finally moves into the last Hamas stronghold in the city of Rafah in Gaza, after Hamas claimed to accept a ceasefire agreement, but it wasn’t the proposal Israel had offered; former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus explains the challenges Israel faces in Rafah; Chris Mitchell talks about Israel’s goals for wiping out Hamas in Gaza, the possibility of hostage releases, the importance of the strategic area known as the Philadelphia Corridor, which contains key Hamas tunnels, and more; as the war inflicts damage on the Israeli economy, including agriculture, some US farmers have stepped up to help Israelis in the fields; the Bible tells us to renew our minds, and Dr. Alan Weissenbacher, author of “The Brain Change Program,” tells CBN’s Healthy Living program how science can help us learn to control our thoughts; and Pastor Glenn Germany in Pennsylvania is grateful to God after a man came into his church during services and pointed a gun straight at him- but God protected him. CBN News. Because Truth Matters™

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