Unveiling God’s Name for You! | Hebrew Names Communicate Identity and Destiny! | Rabbi Jason Sobel

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When you follow the Messiah, The Greater than Moses, You never need to remain enslaved. In Exodus, “Sh’mot” in Hebrew means “names.” Names are meant to communicate a person’s essence and their life mission. There is significant spiritual meaning in someone’s name! ——– Thank you for viewing this video on the Rabbi Jason Sobel YouTube channel! If you like this and want more, please click the “thumbs up” and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more videos that will help you journey deeper in knowing Yeshua-Jesus. SUBSCRIBE NOW & never miss an upload! youtube.com/rabbijasonsobel?sub_confi… Learn more about Rabbi Jason Sobel and Fusion Global, our ministry: fusionglobal.org Follow @rabbijasonsobel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Sign up for the free weekly Scripture study guide: fusionglobal.org/weekly-portions-sign-up We are thrilled to now offer access to our Teaching Library for recurring monthly donors—I think you’re going to love it! Get access: fusionglobal.org/teaching-library Rabbi Jason Sobel dedicated much of his life to finding truth. After years of seeking and studying, he encountered the Lord and found his true destiny as a Jewish follower of Jesus (Yeshua). Suddenly, all the traditions Rabbi Jason grew up with took on new depth and meaning as God connected ancient wisdom with the teachings of the Messiah. Rabbi Jason Sobel is a Messianic Jew who believes Yeshua Jesus is the Messiah. Rabbi Jason Sobel is the author of several books, including his recent book, the nationally bestselling Mysteries of the Messiah: Unveiling Divine Connections from Genesis to Today, and recently released, Rabbi Jason’s and Kathie Lee Gifford’s new book The God of the Way– already a NY Times Bestseller! Rabbi Jason is the author of Breakthrough and Aligning with God’s Appointed Times. Rabbi Jason Sobel also co-authored the New York Times bestseller The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi with Kathie Lee Gifford. He is the spiritual advisor to The Chosen TV Series, and host of The Chosen Unveiled and Mysteries of the Messiah TV series, and God’s Appointed Times on TBN. Check out his newest book Signs and Secrets of the Messiah: A Fresh Look at the Miracles of Jesus at signsandsecretsofthemessiah.com #rabbijasonsobel #messianic #rabbijason

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