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CityAlight – There is One Gospel (Live)

“There is One Gospel (Live)”
Words and Music by Jonny Robinson and Rich Thompson
© 2022 CityAlight Music
CCLI: 7199817

When writing this track our aim was to provide a means for unifying believers around the world in the singing of our shared gospel, handed down to us from the apostles, made possible for us by the saving work of Jesus. Whether you are in a small group, with your own church, or gathered with a diverse crowd of believers, we hope that this song will unify hearts and minds around the great truths of the gospel on which we all stand.


There is one Gospel on which I stand
For all eternity
It is my story, my Father’s plan
The Son has rescued me
Oh what a Gospel, Oh what a peace
My highest joy and my deepest need
Now and forever He is my light
I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There is one Gospel to which I cling
All else I count as loss
For there, where justice and mercy meet
He saved me on the cross
No more I boast in what I can bring
No more I carry the weight of sin
For He has brought me from death to life
I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There is one Gospel where hope is found
The empty tomb still speaks
For death could not keep my Saviour down
He lives and I am free
Now on my Saviour, I fix my eyes
My life is His and His hope is mine!
For He has promised I, too, will rise
I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

And in this Gospel the church is one
We do not walk alone
We have His Spirit as we press on
To lead us safely home
And when in glory still I will sing
Of this old story that rescued me
Praise to my Saviour, the King of life
I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ


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