The Gospel Coalition’s Scandalous Sex Article | Ep 766

Today we’re talking about an article published by the Gospel Coalition that has made waves in the conservative and evangelical communities. The article in question is in fact an excerpt from Josh Butler’s forthcoming book, “Beautiful Union,” and argues that sex and the roles of husband and wife within the act of sex point to salvation and show the relationship between Christ and the church. We discuss the backlash from popular Christian leaders and others who have deemed the article “too erotic” and “misogynistic.” Ultimately, the Gospel Coalition took the article down, caving to the criticism. We also look at the theological arguments that back Butler’s claims, regardless of how he may have worded the excerpt. Then, Canadian Pastor Derek Reimer was arrested last week after he protested a family drag event (and was consequently physically thrown out). He has been charged with “mischief” and “causing a disturbance.” Tucker Carlson responded to this, asking (very rightly so) where the Christian leaders are to speak out about this? Where are David French and Beth Moore? Turns out Beth Moore is busy speaking to Baylor students about white privilege. We take a look at the kind of rhetoric she is prioritizing.

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(00:00) Intro
(06:23) The Gospel Coalition sex article
(11:50) Josh Butler resigns & reactions to article
(20:32) Drag queen events & parents
(26:33) Canadian pastor arrested for protesting drag event
(34:10) Tucker Carlson’s response & Christian leaders
(38:17) Isabel Vaughn Spruce arrested again for praying outside abortion clinic
(43:40) Where in the world is Beth Moore?

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The Gospel Coalition: “Sex Won’t Save You (But It Points to the One Who Will)”

American Reformer: “The Gospel Cancelation”

Denny Burk: “Taking a Dog by the Ears”

RebelNews: “LIVE UPDATES: Pastor Reimer to remain in jail until at least March 14”

The Washington Times: “British pro-life advocate again arrested for ‘thoughtcrime’ of silent prayer near abortion clinic”

Baptist Standard: “Beth Moore: Does God value justice? Read the Bible”

Waco Tribune-Herald: “Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby highlight Truett conference on racism”

Baptist News Global: “Fear lies at the core of racism in the church and society, Beth Moore tells Truett audience”

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The Gospel Coalition’s Scandalous Sex Article | Ep 766


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