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How To Flow | Worship Piano Chords for Beginners | Gospel, CCM & Talk Music

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Pretty Simple Piano
Welcome back to our Pretty Simple Music channel! In this Monday’s video tutorial, even if you’re an absolute beginner, you will learn how to flow using Worship Chords like a professional on the piano! We also cover a few licks & nuances for intermediate musicians. The goal is for you to be able to flow & express your own creative worship freely on the piano within a very short time of learning. Our mission is to simplify your musical journey! See you next Monday!

Our more advanced Worship Chords YouTube Tutorials:

Download the LUSH PAD:
Download the “Play Like You” Series & The “Expand” Series:

As you’ve probably noticed recently, we have drastically upgraded our video quality over the past year – each weekly video lesson now cost us HUNDREDS of dollars to produce and requires 30+ HOURS of editing time.

You do not need to join our “FREE CLUB” Lifetime Membership Access to watch any of our free video lessons – you can simply subscribe to our YouTube channel for our FREE weekly video uploads. To join and get instant access to all of our past, current and future FREE digital products click to join:

Video Timeline:
00:00 Introduction
00:18 The PAD
00:35 The PULSE
01:10 The CHORDS
01:30 The FLOW
02:55 The MELODY
05:45 The JOURNEY
08:15 The WORSHIP
09:23 The POWER


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